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“A staggering £10billion is paid out in compensation claims every year, says the Institute of Actuaries.”

The Sun Newspaper

“Compensation is a good word, imbued with justice. Those who lose money or health through another’s crime have moral rights.”

The Times Newspaper

"As society changes, rules and regulations need to compensate that" - Martine Wright, London bomb victim

ITV News

“If you have a genuine claim – where someone else is to blame – you should be able to get compensation from those at fault. This is only fair. The victim or the tax payer shouldn’t have to pay out where someone else is to blame. But there is not always someone to blame. Genuine accidents do happen.”

Lord Falconer - BBC News

Earn up to £50 UK (approx $85 US) for each compensation claim -- plus £15 for every compensation claim referred by your


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Dear Affiliate Marketer,

There are over 4 million people injured in the UK alone, with only a small proportion actually claiming for compensation. Disappointed with the fact that many people only realise too late after the event and too late to turn back the clock to claim compensation with a second chance.

Also the aftershock affect of large companies door canvassing and cold calling every single member of the UK public to close claims. Initially everyone thought they were helping until the claim was settled. Doh as Homer would say and never claim compensation again.

Things have changed over the years and a revolutionary approach by Maximum Compensation is dominating the market fast.

Maximum Compensation The New Era in compensation claims provides every piece to the puzzle of claiming compensation, without hassle, fear, risk and confusion, including Maximum Compensation in your pocket.

Maximum Compensation is a must for every serious claimant wishing to succeed with their claim, with specialist help every step of the way.

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We payout for car accident claims, work accident claims and slip, trip and fall claims.

An overview of our program...


  1. We Have a Lucrative Payout Rate. Our affiliates are the key to our success. So we aggressively go after TOP players by offering generous commissions. We offer up to £50 UK ($85) for each client signed up from your website. We also pay up to £15 UK ($25) for referrals on any sub-affiliates. These are people who join as affiliates from one of your links.
  2. Get Paid Monthly. We manage our affiliate program, so you are assured that you will be paid on every conversion, in a timely manner. We pay all commissions within 6 weeks. This timeframe allows us to process refunds to avoid "chargebacks".
  3. This Service Is in Hot Demand. The performance-based affiliate advertising industry is growing by leaps and bounds. This trend converges nicely with increased interesting in claiming compensation from home on a computer. Because we provide unique tailored solutions per client with Maximum Compensation, it can't go wrong for the claimant. Claimants are using this site over others simply for its unique service.
  4. No Silly Quotas. Don't these little 'catches' embedded in some affiliate agreements just 'fry your socks' sometimes? A few well known Internet marketers actually pay NO commissions until a certain quota is reached. Or they do so on a sliding scale while withholding full commissions until you've sold enough. (in their eyes) Can you believe it? Others terminate you for low production. I guess these guys think they're your boss. We, at Maximum Compensation, take the attitude that YOU are the boss. You drive the traffic -- and bear the cost -- so you deserve a commission on EVERY lead, even if you get your own claim.
  5. Life Long Cookies! This mean you will still get a commission even if the person with your cookie on their browser comes back to purchase months or even years later.

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Yes, we do pay some of the highest commissions on the Web. As an affiliate for Maximum Compensation, earn commissions up to £50, equivalent to $85 for a single sale...

But Maximum Compensation goes way beyond the generous commissions. It includes...


  • lifetime customer commissions from subsequent sales of our service
  • residual income commissions through reuse of Maximum Compensation! (highest Web site reuse rate in the world!)

  • 2 tiers of income (earn from sales by your team of sub-affiliates, just like Sales Directors in large companies)

  • unique, powerful and simple-to-use tools & strategies/advice to help you succeed, both online and off.

Maximum Compensation earnings really add up, fast.


There Is No Other Program Like This

Affiliate programs have become an inexpensive, supplemental way for companies to generate lifetime customers. Most pay affiliates a commission on the single sale (often only if the purchase occurs during the actual referred visit).

Net result?

The company gains a customer who will deliver a lifetime of sales in return for a small, one-time payment to affiliates. Commonly, a sale that was originally referred by you results in no payment. Why not? Because companies often pay only if the customer buys within a short period of time, sometimes even on the same visit.

Unfair. Short-term vision of the affiliate model.

Maximum Compensation Program is the exact opposite...


Fair. Long-Term, Partner-in-Sales Vision.

Maximum Compensation is committed to your success, no matter how "new" or "experienced" you are to the Net. We do not compete with our affiliates. Instead, we invest substantially to give you the strong and creative tools and strategies that you need to succeed.


The Maximum Compensation Program...

i) allows serious, full-time people to make a great living; and allows part-timers to build a solid second income.

ii) empowers the talented and ambitious to truly excel -- sharp, provocative ideas and tools help you to be your best!

iii) pays you what you deserve, according to your ongoing efforts and talents. We seek and heavily reward active, long-term, partner-in-sales relationships, not short-term, one-way deals.

Bottom line? You are our valued partner-in-sales. We only build our business if you build YOURS.


Does The Maximum Compensation Program Really Work?

Yes, the 100% Compensation Program is the only one of its kind on the web. It is a big WIN for affiliates... You, too, can build a substantial, long-term income.

Maximum Compensation and its customers WIN, too...

Maximum Compensation was established in 2003. We have grown to become the top personal injury site online. We achieved this without Venture Capital, without advertising, and without major partners. So how did we do it? The good old-fashioned way...


  • superb service > we don't just say that, see if you find any other site that comes even close!

  • word of mouth > our customers fiercely spread the word.

Achieve your goals, too. Use the "best program on the Net" to spread the word about the best service on the Net...

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Why Choose Maximum Compensation?

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no win no fee Maximum Compensation

Our Guarantee - Risk Free service and Maximum compensation to you!


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I would recommend with confidence."

Y. B. Lincolnshire

"Excellent service. Achieved claim rank 5 in 6 days !!!"

W. A. Leeds, Yorkshire

"I'm very pleased with 100% Compenstation, everything is going along smoothly and I've been treated very well. Everything has been made easy and the solicitor was very nice and understanding."

C. H. Skelmersdale

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