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“A staggering £10billion is paid out in compensation claims every year, says the Institute of Actuaries.”

The Sun Newspaper

“Compensation is a good word, imbued with justice. Those who lose money or health through another’s crime have moral rights.”

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"As society changes, rules and regulations need to compensate that" - Martine Wright, London bomb victim

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“If you have a genuine claim – where someone else is to blame – you should be able to get compensation from those at fault. This is only fair. The victim or the tax payer shouldn’t have to pay out where someone else is to blame. But there is not always someone to blame. Genuine accidents do happen.”

Lord Falconer - BBC News

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  • Facts and causes of a Motorcycle Accident

A motorcycle accident is a very dangerous situation to be involved in, as motorbike annually kills more people than any other means of transportation on the road. Different statistics show worrying trends, as the number of injuries or fatalities have been rising for the last few years continuously. Here are a few main reasons why this is happening:

Collisions with other type of vehicles

It is approximated that 75% of all motorcycle accidents are the result of a collision with another vehicle, typically passenger cars. Out of this percentage, a staggering 65% is due to the fact that the driver of the other vehicle failed to see the motorbike and crossed over its path. This situation is most often encountered at night, when the riders are most vulnerable.

Collisions with fixed objects

Fixed objects in the environment that motorcycle drivers fail to see or to dodge are another important cause for accidents. This goes hand in hand with high speeds, use of alcohol or drugs and bad maintenance of the bike. Also, negotiating a curve at very high speeds and under-cornering are also important factors. In this category, the human error accounts for approximately 66% of all the motorcycle accidents.

Vehicle failure

Although it is only responsible for about 3% of all the accidents, it’s worth taking into consideration. Bad maintenance is avoidable. Most of these accidents are the result of a flat tyre which forced the driver to collide with another vehicle or with a fixed object in the environment.

Road flaws and animal involvement

Road flaws like holes, spillages, etc. and animal involvement are to blame for about 2% of motorcycle accidents.


  • Motorcycle accident statistics:
  • Now, here are some more interesting facts and figures. Out of all the motorcycle drivers who are injured in accidents, 60% don’t wear protective helmets. Now, that is a really big number, considering the fact that the helmet greatly reduces the risk of injury. It’s not a big deal to put it on, but many riders consider them uncomfortable. Moreover, the helmet doesn’t diminish by any means the rider’s attention, his/her hearing or the vision.

The age range in which a motorcycle accident is more likely to happen are those between 16 and 24, and as far as the gender goes, males are involved in 96%. Over 50% of the riders have less than 5 months of experience. Bad weather is only involved in 2% of the motorcycle accidents.

The figures say it all. A motorbike is not a toy. But a great deal of all the accidents happen because it is considered one. Lacking protection from the outside world, the protection which a normal automobile would have, the bikes are more vulnerable than any other vehicles.

But young riders couldn’t care less about these figures. For them, the bike represents freedom, independence, the wind blowing through the hair and the direct contact with the road. Feeling the rumble of a bike’s engine is music to their ears. Even for the outsiders, a bike can be fascinating. But the sad thing is that many of these accidents can be prevented.

For example, another figure which is quite astounding is that out of all the motorcycle accident fatalities, half of them involve alcohol use. It is not a number to be taken lightly. It only shows that bikes, in the hands of irresponsible teenagers, are a dangerous thing. Many see it as a perfect way to show off, disregarding every rule of civilization and traffic common sense. It is not a rule, but it is a sad fact.

In an unfortunate event of a motorcycle accident contact a good solicitor who will handle your claim on a 'no win no fee' basis. This is an agreement between you and your appointed lawyer. If your lawyer losses your case you don't pay anything. On the bright side, if he wins your case you get your compensation cheque, that's 100% compensation and the other party pays your lawyers fees. You pay nothing ever!

Far beyond being just a means of transportation, the bike is on many occasions a symbol for rebels who just want to live their lives outside of the box. Unfortunately, this attitude is on many occasions just a premise for a motorcycle accident.



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