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“A staggering £10billion is paid out in compensation claims every year, says the Institute of Actuaries.”

The Sun Newspaper

“Compensation is a good word, imbued with justice. Those who lose money or health through another’s crime have moral rights.”

The Times Newspaper

"As society changes, rules and regulations need to compensate that" - Martine Wright, London bomb victim

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“If you have a genuine claim – where someone else is to blame – you should be able to get compensation from those at fault. This is only fair. The victim or the tax payer shouldn’t have to pay out where someone else is to blame. But there is not always someone to blame. Genuine accidents do happen.”

Lord Falconer - BBC News

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A reality of our times, an auto accident is never a predictable thing. With the number of cars dramatically increasing with every day that goes by, the road takes its toll year after year. It’s estimated that approximately 1.2 million people die each year in car crashes.

Most of these accidents happen because of human error, which is responsible for as much as 90% of all the traffic incidents. Driving too fast and drinking are just two of the reasons for this high frequency of accidents. Some people put the blame also on the car manufacturers, who make increasingly powerful cars which reach very high speeds. Here are some types of auto accidents which happen most often:


A head-on collision is, as its name suggests, a collision in which the front parts of the vehicles crash. It often has devastating effects on the passengers, especially at high speeds.


The rear-end collision is when a vehicle hits with its front part another one in its rear part. It usually happens when the car in the front suddenly brakes. Depending on the speed of the impact, it can also result in serious injuries for the car in the back. Also, if it happens on a highway where the cars reach high speeds, it can cause a chain accident. The passengers of the impacted car (the one in the front) usually don’t suffer great injuries, but for those in the second car, even at moderate speeds, a typical result is the whiplash.



Again, the main factor in the damage resulted from this type of crash is the speed. If it happens in a parking lot, the great probability is that no one will get injured. However, if it happens in an intersection at high speed, the result can be a very unpleasant one.


This type of auto accident is caused by negotiating a turn at a very high speed. Some vehicles are more susceptible to this type of accident, depending on the location of their centre of mass. So a combination of high speed with a high placed centre of mass can often lead to a rollover.

In case of an auto accident, the parties involved in it should exchange personal information among themselves and with the witnesses. Then, police should be called at the incident place. Leaving the accident site without going through all these procedures is usually referred to as “hit and run” and it is a criminal offense.

As accident prevention measures, most car companies have already started to develop different technologies that help drivers be safer on the road. For example, sensors that detect the distance to the car in front and alert the driver of the imminent danger have already been implemented. There are also sobriety detectors which don’t ignite the engine in case the driver has been drinking. In any case, there are also some prevention measures that each driver could take before going on the road.

Checking the oil, water and gas levels is indicated before getting into the car. Also, adjusting the seats and the mirrors is a recommendable procedure. Checking the tyres, fastening the seatbelt are common sense actions that every driver should be aware of. Last but not least, going at reasonable speeds and always staying focused on the road ahead is a must.

There are much more preventive measures that every driver should already know, and having common sense as a driver could help you escape from an accident. Because the great probability is that in your lifetime you will at least have witnessed an auto accident.



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