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“A staggering £10billion is paid out in compensation claims every year, says the Institute of Actuaries.”

The Sun Newspaper

“Compensation is a good word, imbued with justice. Those who lose money or health through another’s crime have moral rights.”

The Times Newspaper

"As society changes, rules and regulations need to compensate that" - Martine Wright, London bomb victim

ITV News

“If you have a genuine claim – where someone else is to blame – you should be able to get compensation from those at fault. This is only fair. The victim or the tax payer shouldn’t have to pay out where someone else is to blame. But there is not always someone to blame. Genuine accidents do happen.”

Lord Falconer - BBC News

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Have you ever been involved in a work accident? I hope your answer is “no”, but you have to realize that accidents at work do happen, more often than you might be aware of. And although most of the times it’s a matter of hazard, there are a few things that can prevent these work accidents from happening.


Your employers have to make sure that relative safety is insured in and around the whole perimeter of your workplace. I say “relative” because, as I already mentioned, accidents are often just unfortunate events. Depending on the type of work that is being carried out, safety measures to the extreme are a MUST. That will keep the accident risk to a minimum, although there never can be a 100% certainty that nothing wrong would happen.


Depending on the type of work that you’re doing, your employers must make sure that you are equipped with everything that you need and will keep you away from injuries. There are several factors that need addressing, like the tasks you have to carry out, the materials involved and the risk factor of your operations. If there an increased danger factor in one or more of your operations, you need to be informed in due time of this fact.



Suitable training for your job is also a must, not only for you, but also for your colleagues at your workplace. Employers need to make sure that you aren’t being put at risk by other workers. If they are not trained right, or for example come drunk at work, and something happens to you, the employers are directly responsible and it’s considered a liability.

The employers are also directly responsible of the conditions in which you work. There has to be proper ventilation, lighting, etc. If one or more of these factors are disregarded and a work accident happens, you have to find out which aspects entitle you for a work accident claim.

Usually, people who are entitled to a work accident claim are in doubt whether to go for it or not. This is because they are most of the times either frightened or simply ashamed of their employers or fellow-workers. In most cases, they simply get a sick pay until they are capable of working again. But every man should know his rights and the things that led to the accident have to be analyzed. If your injury has been caused by negligence and ignorance of the factors which I pointed out, then you should really consider getting that claim.With all the risks involved.

Because, if these things are ignored, then there is a big possibility it will happen again. Maybe not to you, because you will probably have learned your lesson, but to others. Aside from the financial accomplishment, your action will also help others and, who knows, it may even save lives.

So, basically, in one of these situations, you have 2 options:


If you think that what happened entitles you to do it, then I say go for it. Of course, there is a big risk that you will make your employers angry. Moreover, you will probably get strange looks from some of your fellow workers. But others may even support you. The matter of fact is that you suffered an injury which perhaps could have been avoided. We’re talking about your life here, your body. It’s easy for others to stand back and say “Oh my God, how can he do that?” when nothing happened to them.


Although it may seem more convenient, it’s not. Think carefully before you decide to do nothing about it. Although I hope it will never happen to you, an accident at work is a hazardous thing and you have to know your options in case something goes wrong.



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